A place to go- Peck Farm Interpretive Center

Peck Farm Interpretive Center

4038 Kaneville Road

002 019 044 055
Geneva IL 60134
(630) 262-8244

Located west of Randall Road on the corner of Kaneville Road and Peck Road

Peck Farm is seriously one of the coolest places and I never knew it existed! I’ve lived in this area (Aurora, Yorkville, Oswego) for most of my life and I had never heard of it. So maybe you haven’t either. I suggest you go on the next available day. I feel it is a place where kids can enjoy nature without having to be too careful, they can run, jump, skip, hop, and romp because there is a ton of room to do so.

There is a very cool observation silo. You climb a metal, spiral staircase and there are windows and platforms along the way for you to look out at the park. There is a three sided barn with picnic tables so you can pack snacks or a lunch and have a chance to get out of the sun for a while while resting. There is a pond/lake (body of water?) with trails you can walk around. There are grass and paved paths, so you can take your stroller, but for older kids and adults the grass paths look like a lot of fun.

During the summer months they have a butterfly garden, which is absolutely beautiful. They do take donations there (we did $5 for our family of 3, but I’m sure $1 per person would be greatly appreciated). But the gems of this park I feel are the sensory garden and the playground (Hawks Hollow Nature Playground). They have a splash pad area that is right before the playground, so you might want to be prepared for that with extra clothes and a towel. My daughter (18 months) LOVED the sensory garden and that is where we spent most of our time.

There is also the Peck house where you can go in and tour the house, it has some history about the house and land inside. Also, on the property are beautiful gardens all around. Lots of beautiful things to see here and lots of picture opportunities if you are into that. The trails, picnic area, and courtyard open at sunrise and close at 10pm. You can also bring your dog to walk the trails with you! May through October the rest of the park is open 9:00am- 5:00pm Monday through Saturday. And Sunday the hours are noon to 5:00pm. The hours change again in November.

Also, while you are there pick up an Adventure Passport, we got ours in the butterfly house! It is a booklet and you can get stamps for visiting different attractions and parks in the area. Each page gives a description of the place and prices with basic information like hours and address. These “passports” are recommended for ages 4 and up, and by looking through it I would agree, but you can always use it for ideas!

Peck Farm is a place where I would also personally like to go without children. It looks like a great place for a peaceful walk, an area to bring some books and read the day away, or bring a pen and paper and write the next best novel. There are a lot of beautiful aspects of this park, from the views, the nature surrounding you, and the fresh air of wide open spaces.


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